A small Mexican rodent, usually annoying and keeps one up at night.
"My chiuaua, Lily, squeaks like a mouse all the time!"
by pcm128 January 5, 2010
a really cute dog which is really small and it is usually really nice
my brother got a chiuaua
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
1. cute little dog
2. strange nickname from people i no- u no who u are!
my friend just got a new pet chiuaua
by unowho December 17, 2004
Someone who talks shit all the time to appear tough but never backs up their words or always comes up with an excuse.

all bark, no bite
Chiuaua Dude: "Man if that bich ass security guard bothers us ima shove that flashlight up his ass. H e better not even look over here

Security: "hey theres no loitering here, yall need 2 go"

Chiuaua dude: yes sir

Chiuaua Syndrome
by BMwStu July 15, 2010