<noun> Slang;

An amount of a sufficiently viscous substance such as mayonnaise or jelly to form a large blob on a particular surface when placed there with a kitchen utensil such as a table-spoon.
SINAED: "Would you like anything else with that?"
PADDY: "Yeah, go on then. Give us a dollop of mayonnaise, please.
SINAED: "Certainly Sir. My only place in life is to serve you."

A dollop of cum.
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
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a large amount of a a semi-liquid subsentence , or oddly shaped object of person
"A dollop of daisy" add for daisy sour cream

She looked like someone took a large amount of lard and just dolloped it
by lostwng June 28, 2009
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plural for small marijuana pieces dropped
'Dude, pick up those dollops! We dont need to waste any weed!'
by Rasta Surprise October 06, 2014
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A real stoner or pisshead.

Someone for whom substance abuse has become an everyday pleasure.
"Woh, watch out for that guy, he's a real dolloper. In fact I reckon he's wrecked right now."
by Marko the Great March 10, 2005
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Arthur: Describe "dollop-head"
Merlin: In two words?
Arthur: Yeah
Merlin: Prince Arthur
by N a t e October 19, 2019
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