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The battle cry for Outsiders on the internet when they want the vile Normies to leave.... wherever they find 'em.
by Windows Error November 14, 2017
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A sound made to dispatch a normie
Normie: have you seen that funny uganda knuckles meme?
Tier 69 memer: REEE!!!
Normie: aahhhh
by Notanormie_reee November 25, 2018
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What meme-makers scream when a normie shows up.
Person: *groan*, my ears hurt.
Person's friend: Why?
Person: This guy kept screaming "reee" at me.
Person's freind: That means your a normie. Speaking of,
by Nein_Definition July 22, 2018
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A process a person of the internet goes through; when someone tells them something they did is wrong and in which they already know but want to believe in their convictions, this issue is normally galvanizing in the person's psyche and many times a part of their way of life.
Voter A: 'Well at least Trump didn't win the popular vote and the electoral college stole it from Hillary!'
Voter B: 'That matters just as much as DNC should have voted for Bernie but stole it for Hillary'
Voter C: 'All I can say is crooked Hillary, email servers, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Pizza Gate. LOCK HER UP! It's going to be YUGE'
by StragArk September 30, 2018
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The sound you make when your annoyed or something bad happens. When you hear something funny or when something doesn’t work.
by DeezBiscuits September 22, 2018
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