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incest between twins.
twins who have a sexual relationship
Benji madden + joel madden = yummy twincest
by squee February 19, 2005

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hilllary duff is a fuck of. she is the worst singer and actress to ever walk this fucked up planet!!!! how could people listen to such foul shit??? i do not suffer frombrain damage u fucks out there standing up for that slut!!! you are the one that suffers from brain damage. look at what she has done to the children!!! please help suprt the hillary haters. my sisters are in danger!!!!! hillary is slowly killing our siblings. poisonig there preciouse minds(my spelling sucks forgive me) she has brain washed so many we have lost so many children. and if she somehow takes over the world with her little prepy 10-year-olds me along with the rest of the smart people will have 2 kill ourselvs just save us from her foulness. and i am NOT a good charlotte fan and i honstly dont give a shit if she goes out with joel or whatever his name is. but i feel bad for the poeple who have lost him because of hillary..... and for the last fucking time she is pop not punk not rock. just pop!!!11 i actulay dont think that is even music she sounds like shes on heleum constapated with the voice of a dieng toad. and her looks....my goodnes were will i start.... she looks like a fucking chubaka....better yet shes an insult to chubaka!!!! under all of that make up is an ugly cross between chubak, a toad, sasquach, and radkill for fuck sake!!!! u guys out there say ing shes hot.. you guys say that because your to ugly to get a fucking girlfriend u cunts!!!! hillary duff is a insult to man kind. shes an inult to everything damn it! shes such a slut. im suprised she didnt make me blind....or death...im suprised she didnt kill me becuse of the shit she sells. and anotherthing how can anyone be jelouse of that fag pice of shit???shes an ugly whore and she cant sing if her life depended on it. honestly u think that we r jeoulus??? we r fedup with her shit we want her to burn in motherfucking hell!!!!!!!!! she should do us all a favor and jump of a cliff and die a brutal death befor we start a riot..........well i can go on for hours but i need my rest and i also must insult some other sluts like her....good day.
P.S. for the sake of the children make the insanity stop!!!!
like oh mu gawd hillary duff is like so hottt i wanna like make out with her cuz im a slunty whore like her...like yeah

me:takes chainsaw and kills all preaps*die fuckers!!!!!die!!!!!
by squee April 20, 2005

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misunderstood and insane. but we all love him none the less. as long as you dont talk to him or do something that may invoke annoyance....youll be fine. or if your squee(eric...whatever)
I love you NNY!
by squee November 26, 2003

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there is dooky in the toilet
by squee October 14, 2002

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The most pretentious phone ever.

In light of its self-importance, it states not to be called a phone.

"Dude, Your phones ringing."
"Its not a phone. Its a HELIO!"
"... Whatever. Answer your phone, your ring is annoying."
by Squee September 04, 2006

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A phrase used to describe the locus of all points that are equidistant from a given point in a 2-dimensional plane.
Wow, that puddle is almost a perfect circle
by Squee February 19, 2005

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a funky disco pimp
man 1:whos that fat man dancing in his underwear
man2: har mar superstar of course
by squee November 19, 2003

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