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A distinctly Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia experience where bubbas get together and try and win guns. All day raffles of firearms is complimented with a lot of food, beer and young women in bikinis selling raffle tickets. Cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday!
Bubba 1: Anyone see Verne?

Bubba 2: I seen him this mornin headin to the Gun Bash in Hookstown I reckon...

by Sporto April 03, 2008

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Cheapo fireworks that are usually purchased at a gas station or flea market (typically in the South) and set off by people too drunk or too young to really appreciate the dangers associated with pyrotechnics. Often times adjacent to a professionally conducted fireworks display.
The fireworks display in Biloxi was awesome! But they were practically drowned out by all of the bubbaworks being set off by those idiots on the beach.
by Sporto July 06, 2006

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A man's mental list of women that he chooses from when masturbating.
Dude, my new nextdoor neighbor is hot! She has totally been added to my wack-a-dex!
by Sporto August 04, 2007

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When something gives way or breaks due to a sudden increase in weight that was put upon it.
Wow! She really fatassed that beach chair! We had to throw it away!
by sporto March 28, 2006

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