The tumblr slang used to reference the skeleton playing a trumpet meme.
Usually stated at the end of a sentence or by itself
Ex: Person 1: "Hey, Vieira, did you see that lil' skeleton playing a trumpet gif?"
Vieira: "Haha, ya-doot doot, ammarite?"
Person 1: "Doot doot~"

*They then continued to perform the most epic high five, causing a rip in the space time continuum and causing Earth itself to explode*
by Vieira's Papi October 14, 2016
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random word used in jazz or other music genres.
it also sometime references the spooky scary skeleton playing the trumpet.
MUSIC: doot doot doo- doo- doo-

ME: *charmfully bops to the music
by cohenPirate September 21, 2018
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the asian slang for Nextel's Cellular Beep or Direct Connect on the walky talky phones.
yo john, doot doot me when i get home.
by danny May 27, 2004
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a term that my friend seatide and I use to be random dorks.
Seatide: doot doot?
Me: doot doot doot doot doot
by colorguardhobbit September 29, 2004
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While most commonly used to refer to cigarettes, doot doot can be used to refer to any physical item.
"Hey can you buy me a pack of doot doot's while you're out?"

"Oi did you see that doot doot in the store?"

"Stop playing with those doot doot's and help me bring in the groceries!"
by Wow_Just_Wow December 3, 2019
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