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Acronym for receiving either a:
1) Bare Blow Job (without wearing a condom).
or a:
2) Birthday Blow Job
"Since Daniel's frigid girlfriend refused to help him celebrate his birthday with a BBJ, his buddies hooked him up with an escort from Craigslist who charged $100 "roses" for a BBJ."
by SpitItOut February 24, 2018

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Being hypnotised by the workings and doings of a female who you are sexually attracted to, to the point of accepting the same crappy outcomes of her senselessness.

Alternate form: Bitchnotic
"Joe will never have any lasting happiness with Julie, as long as she uses that bitchnotism on him."

"Julie keeps Joe on her hook through her bitchnotic mind games."
by SpitItOut August 13, 2018

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An irrational fear of men, including suspicion of male point of views, priorities and achievements.
Gale is clearly androphobic, because she brings every argument back to the feminist POV, and can't accept any man to say anything contrary to her opinion.
by SpitItOut November 07, 2018

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