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(pronounced ka-PAY-yow)lifes cheat code. When used as a battle cry, the next action you take automaticaly succeeds. OR
A loud noise
KAPOW!!!!!!!!!!!(throws a rock and blows up building)
by Spaz De Kat January 09, 2009

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surrounded, out numbered, and stuck in a confined space
we're boxed in. we go out that door and the cops have us!
by Spaz De Kat March 17, 2009

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1) a smegging awesome battle cry
2) an arial attack that brings an immense smashing force downward over an opponent
<jumps into the air> DEATH FROM ABOVE!!! <smashes jocks head in>
by Spaz De Kat January 15, 2009

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the art and science of making munchies
science, industry, and munchology: the Buger King dream!!!
by Spaz De Kat December 20, 2008

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a large, nasty gun found in most shooters. Infamous for thier ability to rip through multiple enemies.
gamer 1- dude, I found a crowd slayer.
gamer 2- great! get down to c deck, I'm boxed in here.
by Spaz de Kat December 10, 2008

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to assume leadership on a task, usually said by the leader of the previous task
investigator: there's hostiles up ahead. take point.
public relations: got it.
by Spaz De Kat December 08, 2009

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the final actions performed while dying. usually used to describe the act of taking down who ever killed you in a theatric and violent maner.
We were out of ammo, but the guy fianally died, though he did manage to pull a pin from a grenade. it was quite the death throes.
by Spaz De Kat February 09, 2009

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