Term used in the place of the actual name of an object when the name slips your mind. Similar meaning to "do-dad", "whatchamacalit", or "thingy".
Hey, can you hand me the chingus? No not the red chingus, the blue one.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
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Spanglish slang, possibly originating from Mexico, derived from the spanish verb "chingar" meaning "to fuck". A pronoun used to define something that it isn't worth describing or left unnamed due to laziness. Equivalent to the word "fucker" when used to describe an inanimate, insignificant item one doesn't want to bother describing.
Hand me that chingus in my toolbox, I need to finish bolting in my amp.
by RottenSeed (Guero) October 10, 2006
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used in mountain biking to describe rough scrapes and scratches on components, usually occurring as a result of a fall.
the brake levers were all chingus after he took that endo
by chollaball April 15, 2005
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a quality jamband from chico,ca.
THey play a mean set and they get lots of bitches!
by Marchizmo September 26, 2003
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an name for an asian, normally as an insult; homesexual asian person with little to no upper body strength, is ugly and fits all asian stereotypes
Yo look at that happy chingu over there eating his chow mein.
by Senorcheeseballs May 02, 2017
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