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A great actor who's starred in many movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride (as a voice actor), and more.

Sadly, the majority of his fans are all airheaded teenage girls who say he's the best actor ever just because he's "OMG SOOO HAWT!1!" and keep saying that they'll get him in bed someday. Just read the other definitions posted on this site. About 98% of them are praising him solely on his looks.

Sure, he might be good-looking for a guy, but jeez, grow up, all of you! Don't just look at his movies to see HIM, but appreciate the whole movie too! Learn to like him for his ACTING skills and not just his LOOKS. Oh, and stop dreaming too. He's not gonna go out with someone 30 years younger than him. Just forget about it.
Typical Johnny Depp fan: OMFG I LUVVV Johnny Depp he's like OMG SOOO SEXEH!!1!

True Johnny Depp fan: I like him too. He's a great actor and the movies he's in are all awesome.

Typical Johnny Depp fan: Whuh? Actor?? I only liek him cuz liek he's OMG SOOO SEXEH!!1! He's guna be mah HUZBUND!1!

True Johnny Depp fan: ... Go shoot yourself in the head, moron.
by SomeBadJoke October 28, 2006

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1. A character in Soul Calibur 3 who is similar to the characters Charade and EdgeMaster from previous SC games, in that he can use the fighting styles of most of the other characters in the games (chosen randomly by the game).

He is a character who is supposedly one of the strongest warriors alive. He kills an owl that acted as a god's messenger, and as punishment, he was cursed with the head, feet, and tail of an owl. He was forced to live in a deep chamber where time does not pass. He doesn't get older, or get hungry or anything.

To fight him in the game's arcade mode (Tales of Souls), the player must follow a specific path depending on which character he/she is using, without losing a single fight, or winning the 6th match by ringout. If the player defeats him, he/she also gets to fight Night-Terror as the final boss instead of Abyss.

2. The O RLY owl
Siegfried: My life is not for your taking!
Olcadan: O RLY?!?
by SomeBadJoke October 28, 2006

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When something "turns nu-metal", it is completely bastardized and no longer as good as it used to be.

Originates from the fact that many people have negative opinions about nu-metal, and think that metal is no longer as good as it used to be.
"Man, this guy used to be the best player on the football team, but now he sucks! He totally turned nu-metal."
by SomeBadJoke September 05, 2006

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A redundant name for the same kind of person.
Valley girl prep - valley girls and preps are the SAME thing. It's just like saying "gay homosexual" or "stupid idiot"
by SomeBadJoke August 10, 2006

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1. A thrash metal band from the 1980's. Are widely known as one of the metal genre's biggest influences. Some of their best albums are Master of Puppets and their self-titled "Black Album", for those who would like a listen. However, these two albums are really their only good ones.

2. Along with Slayer, one of the most popular bands for "true metal fans" to mention when attempting to tell others not to listen to "fake nu metal". They're not even THAT great, guys. Only two of their albums are really worth mentioning - the ones mentioned above, and those are really old. Besides, they're sellouts themselves (see St. Anger)
1. Master of Puppets is Metallica's best album ever.

2. "Dont lizzen to teh Slippnot!!11 U msut get REEL metyl liek Metallica adn Slayer!!1 lolz!"
by SomeBadJoke August 14, 2006

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I'll admit it's a funny movie, but it makes fun of gays way too much. Stupid homophobic people..
"Gaylord Focker" - need I say anything else? Meet the Fockers is more for homophobics than anyone else.
by SomeBadJoke July 28, 2006

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1. A long blade attached to a hilt on which the wielder holds on to while striking at enemies with the blade, inflicting severe slash wounds.

2. The cliche weapon of the main character in several video games, used more often rather than a spear, scythe, dagger, staff, or axe.
1. The sword was mostly used during medieval times by knights

2. Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Drakengard, Guilty Gear, and much more
by SomeBadJoke August 22, 2006

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