32 definition by Some dude

Quite literally, pwned with an oversized sword.
*hits a guy with an oversized sword*
by Some dude February 20, 2005

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A company that makes stuff for DJ's.
not needed
by some dude August 01, 2003

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the hicks way of saying vagina.

giner an over used word by little immature girls.
'Dem cows be takin it right up the 'giner from 'dem bulls.
by some dude March 18, 2005

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A fat dude that likes to lounge in #tribes3.org...he also like saying stfu and his balls belong to a tribe called estrogen. 8====D~~~
<KingblinG> girls have #estrogen
<KingblinG> we got #testies
<MrKeen> rofl
<KingblinG> come on keen
<MrKeen> no
<KingblinG> our tag for the tribe is 8===D
<MrKeen> i like my balls in my pants, not in a tribe
by Some Dude July 23, 2003

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A troll whose head is filled with air.
This little troll will be in the insane asylum.
by some dude July 28, 2004

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An idiot who comments on something and have no factual basis and couldn't keep his facts straight.
I caught a cold, then maybe I'm on steroids!!!

comment by boosoxfans: " Ended his career because of his own stupidity of taking steroids, which in some cases, can cause cancer. MLB should use Giambi as an example of the pitfalls of using steroids. I knew he was using it before the Yanks traded for him, just like every one of those A's players - McGuire, Canseco, Chavez, even Tejada. That's very unnatural bulk. "
by some dude July 27, 2004

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gangster, feared by many
I am a G
by some dude October 31, 2003

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