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The greatest defensive player in NFL history. Butkus played linebacker for the Chicago Bears and won the Heisman trophy when he was in college. Probably his greatest accomplishment came when he was voted the greatest defensive player of the 20th century.
Dick Butkus favorite hobby..............
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 5, 2006
An award given to the best all-around division 1A college football player every season.
The recent Heisman Trophy winners.

2006- Reggie Bush
2005- Matt Leinart
2004- Carson Palmer
by Snick and Fsquirrel May 30, 2006
This is the day according to the ancient myan calendar when the world will end. Everybody should should be informed about this date.
December 21, 2012. A day of infamy.
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 7, 2006
A word used to describe the biggest rednecks on the planet. Their life can described on a fishook...White Trash! Pondskogger: Fishin, Huntin, Boggin, Truck pull, Drinkin, 4-wheelers, Trailers, Skeet shootin.
You might be a pondskogger if you got baptized at a creek!
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 5, 2006
A sound created every time you open up a can of beer or some other canned drink. The saying was made famous by Alan Jackson's hit song, "Pop a top again."
That drunk said I'll pop a top one more time.
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 6, 2006
A muscle-building workout where you sit on a bench thats in an incline position. You do this workout by thrusting your arms over your shoulders.
I just maxed 180 on incline man.
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 7, 2006
Slang for an illegal immagrant, in the south, who makes their living picking up pinestraw that comes off of pinetrees.
usually mexicans are pinestraw pickers.
by Snick and Fsquirrel April 30, 2006