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1. (Fran├žois Marie Arouet) French 16th century author of 'Candide', philosopher, and satirist.

2. Gothy 21st century multi-talented singer and creator of the DEADY: THE MALEVOLENT TEDDY comic.
A: "Voltaire is such a cutie!"
B: "Yeah...wait, the singer or the French philosopher?"
by Snarky August 21, 2004

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in a threesome with two guys and a girl, when one of the guys mounts the girl doggy style and the other guy mounts the first guy doggy style.
i know this threesome, and they like to do it double doggystyle.
by snarky May 28, 2003

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something that allegedly pisses God off and gives Him an excuse to send us all to hell, despite the supposed fact that He loves us all soooooo much.
what's with original sin? adam and eve were the ones who screwed up with the tree of knowledge of good and evil thing, so why must everyone pay for it?
by snarky May 30, 2003

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pants that are covered in pus.
his abcess exploded all over his jeans... now he's got pussy pants.
by snarky May 26, 2003

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