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When frick or flip won’t do and you wanna say fuck but your around your parents or some kids and you just be like ‘aah... fick!’
“The video gaming day has been cancelled.”
“Arg... arh... aah... fick fick fickin fickledees!’
by SliceJosiah January 7, 2020
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A person (like me) with Aspergers Syndrome and probably the most creative but most socially struggling kind of person that can fit in. Also the best kind of person. Aspergers Syndrome is on the autism spectrum ASD. And if you insult us you are a stupid b***h.
Me: Hi i’m an aspie.
Random B***h: Lol autistic person, you stupid.
Me: No we better than you stupid normie.

(Mind you i’m 12 right now and we may say our age for clarification just because, so thats another aspie trait for you.
by SliceJosiah January 13, 2020
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What 9 year olds with dirty minds say around their parents when they want to say son of a bitch.
by SliceJosiah January 8, 2020
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1. A loud and rude yet generally victorious exclamation which is normally associated with the OK Hand and Deep Fried Memes.
2. Also an exclamation that one (might say when throwing something/someone from a high hight.
3. A dance move that gave birth to the name of the meme.
Announcer: And the winner is, Jacob!
Jacob: Ya YEET!
by SliceJosiah January 8, 2020
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