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Frick and Frack is for any two people who are closely linked in some way, especially through a work partnership or strong friendship.

The origin is from a famous partnership of Swiss comedy ice skaters, Werner Groebli and Hans Mauch, whose stage names were Frick and Frack. They came to public fame in the later years of a series of skating spectaculars called "Ice Follies", promoted by Eddie Shipstad and his brother Roy, which began in 1936 and ran for almost 50 years. Their association lasted so long, and they were at one time so well known, that their names have gone into the language as slang or a reference to two people who work well together or get along great.
There goes Frick and Frack up to their usual antics again.
by Slang Girl February 24, 2016
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Omg your a chink!
Stop it it’s offending the Chinese
by Slang Girl January 27, 2019
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When a man/woman have a lot of admirers or groupies vying for their attention.
Girl: Boy, please. I can't take you seriously when you've got all those yaddi's on the team.
by Slang Girl September 25, 2019
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