A controversial talk radio show celebrity who preaches his teachings of leykis 101, mainly to teach male listeners on how to get laid without committment to a relationship. Topics established on the show include sex, marriage, dating, and other things that are generally geared towards men.
Tom Leykis is a friggen GOD
by dibrus November 5, 2006
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A radical left wing talk show host that lies about being a libertarian but only votes Democrat each election. Loves to criticize feminists but love Hillary Clinton who is biggest radical feminist of all. He also makes fun of cities that suffer through national disaster and putting down his home state of New York. Jealous of his friends and much more successful talk hosts Phil Hendrie and Rush Limbaugh. Started a pay per listen podcast because he loves to nickel and dime his listeners. Underpays his loyal producers Gary and Dino while he constantly buys fancy wines he brags about not drinking
Dino-"Hey Gary tom leykis is a cheap boss maybe we should obtain employment from Phil Hendrie?"

Gary - "Yes Dino right after we finish our taco bell and blunts".
by Phil Hendrie February 10, 2017
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