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A beautiful, wonderful, all inclusive town in S. Korea. When God had already finished His 6 days of creation, He took a rest on the 7th. It was at this point that God realized the world was not finished - it still needed something else. At the last minute God drafted up a quick schematic and laid the foundation for the most beautiful place in the world.

It is now full of gorgeous Juicy Girls and a comprehensive assortment of prime human specimens.
Friend 1: Damn bro, i am sick and tired of living at the base of the Rockies.

Friend 2: Let's move to the Beautful Dongducheon.

Friend 1: Sounds good bro, I've heard great things about that place.

Friend 2: Plus they have Juicy Girls.

Friend 1: They're my favorite
by SimpleKind of Man October 17, 2009

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An intended or perceived electronic attitude. Usually in the form of curt, vague, or rude electronic statements made in e-mails, text messages, Facebook statuses, or any other digital mediums.
Tim: Hey Bob why does your girlfriend look so pissed.

Bob: I don't know man. I sent her a text message saying I would be late for dinner and she thought I gave her some e-tude.

Tim: Well did you?
Bob: No dude. All I said was "sry gurl, im rning l8t."
by Simplekind of man March 18, 2010

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Based on the hypothesis that an individual carrying an STD would most likely refrain from "friending" a random sexual partner on Facebook.

Can be used to ascertain the following data:

A "friends" B and B accepts = NO STDs

A "friends" B and B rejects = B has an STDs and thus A might now as well.
John: Did you seriously raw dog that girl you met last night at the party?

Tim: Yea man, but she passed the Facebook STD Test because she friended me this morning.

John: Can I see her picture?

Tim: No, I rejected the request because somethings been going on down there the past few weeks that I need to get checked out.

John: Nice.
by SimpleKind of Man February 02, 2010

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An inadvertent gay movement. A gay accident. When a presumably strait individual slips and says or does something really gay.
Strait Dude: Ugh, my wife bought me these pants but they feel a little constricting.

Presumably Strait Dude: Yea, they make your ass look great. I wish my boyfriend would wear those.

Strait Dude: Wait, I thought you were married… to a woman.

Presumably (not any more) Strait Dude: Oops, that slipped. I just had an out of closet experience.
by SimpleKind of Man November 26, 2010

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An event, gathering, or social setting in which a blanket comprised of patches of fabric sewn together (a quilt) is required in order to enter/participate/engage.
Eleanor: Good morning Gwendolyn, we missed you at bingo last night.

Gwendolyn: Very kind of you to notice my absence Eleanor but it was a quiltessential gathering and ever since Bob Barker stopped hosting The Price is Right I just can't seem to get any sewing done.
by SimpleKind of Man October 18, 2009

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