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where Mike Tyson went after getting his clock cleaned by Lennox Lewis in 2002.
"I guess I'll just fade into bolivian..."
by SiliconHero May 03, 2003
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A combination of the words "lame" and "user", meant to describe someone who isn't very knowledgable of computers and/or the Internet.
You're still using an AOL web browser? You're such a luser...
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
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The purported "first 64-bit system", released by Atari in 1993. Failed miserably due to poor marketing and extremely crappy games.
You haven't played crappy games until you've played them on an Atari Jaguar.
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
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In the Simpsons episode entitled "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish", Grampa Simpson uses it in place of the word "twenty" to recall his initiation into a gang called the Hellfish. His reason? The Germans stole "twenty" from them.
"Now, my story begins in nineteen-dickety-two..." ~ Abe Simpson
by SiliconHero May 03, 2003
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The TV show that destroyed the coolness of MTV forever.
Why is it that the only videos you see on MTV nowadays are played on TRL? And they don't even play the whole video! What the hell?!
by SiliconHero April 25, 2003
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