6 definitions by Shrub

1. Obnoxious, loud, unreasonably hot, and beezoesque. Usually gets a lot of booty from hot men. Most of the time, jealousy occurs from others. This is very common.

2. To be inredibly awesome.
1. A RUHHH walked down the street and everbody turned around to slap that ass.

2. Damn, that corned beef was really RUHHH.
by Shrub March 20, 2005
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A generic term for any small, yappy dog.

(inspired by Fawlty Towers)
Guest: He's a little Shitzu.
Major: Is he? What breed?
Guest: He's a Shitzu, a lap-dog.
Major: Hard to imagine him stalking a reindeer...
by Shrub November 20, 2004
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Attention Defecite Schaub Disorder. A genetic attention disorder that may lead to a shortend attetion span & figeting.
"E=MC... oh look a butterfly..."
"Dude what is you with Josh?"
"Don't worry, he just has ADSD."
by Shrub November 26, 2003
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verb - to spudge. I spudge, we spudge, they spudge, you spudge, he/she/it spudges. I am a spudger. He is a spudgee.
To flirt with somebody with no intention of following it up with anything. To flirt with no meaning other than humour.
Something only really safe to be done amougnst friends, unless you want your teeth kicked in, or enjoy giving people false impressions.
Ben was convinced that Jeni fancied Alex, after all, hadn't he seen them flirting heavily? NO! They actually hated each other, and were merely endulging in some heavy spudging.
by Shrub October 18, 2004
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today is the day you can slap your girls ass

because it’s October 18
by Shrub October 17, 2021
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October 18 is when you can slap your girls ass
its October 18 let’s slap my girls ass
by Shrub October 17, 2021
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