the worst word you could say when you're on a date.....
the dude:ey girl....
the girl:yes?
the dude:slap that ass >:D

the girl:i think i've gotta go bye :D (weirdo)
A movement of the hand that results in smacking that ass forcefully. This is also qualified as a turn on for some fifty shades of grey fans.
She was slapping the ass.
by Everybodywaskungfufighting September 27, 2015
To demand a slap in your ass. What your mother does to you when you have been a naughty boy.
Ex 1: Please, slap my ass!!!

Ex 2: Erick I'm going to slap your ass, because you stayed out past midnight.
by Eggy_Chuck55 June 9, 2005
It's where you slap people asses to show respect and affection
Guys, it's slap that ass season.
by Khris Mich October 15, 2019
For all 12 months every year you are not allowed to touch anyone without their permission. Please stop.

Slap no ass month
when something is so good it slaps your ass
“that food was so good it slaps my ass”
by slaps ass November 24, 2021