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A set of cleavage so gloriously awesome, all other things become a distant memory as you are mesmerized by such a great rack.
Sam can't talk right now, his mind is in the thrall of the hypnoboobs. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOBOOBS!!
by ShoNuff77 June 16, 2011

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When a woman who normally wears clothes that do not show off her fine ass suddenly wears garments that declares surprisingly to the world - baby got back!!! The usual culprits of said ambush are tight jeans, short shirts, and yoga pants
Dang did you see Cynthia last night? That skirt she wore caused a severe case of ambush booty from out of nowhere!!
by ShoNuff77 November 26, 2012

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An ass so phenomenal it stops traffic, turns heads, and makes you lose track of time. Often associated with the unfair and unmitigated power of yoga pants. Power is equal too and sometimes greater than hypnoboobs.
Yo Rob man! It's your turn at the weights!!

Sorry I was distracted by that girl on the treadmill with the hypnobooty!!
by ShoNuff77 September 22, 2014

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The mysterious magic women are able to cast on men by the almighty power of the uterus. It is neither quantifiable nor tangible but somehow usually irresistible by most heterosexual men and causes befuddlement and likely temporarily conversative enfeeblement and lack of comprehension before the aforementioned spell has been cast. Take note - true mistresses of vagoodoo can cast this bedevilment long before the targetted male realizes that BOOM he is in a long term relationship with no chance of parole.
Man, what happened to Bob. His girlfriend Tina cast that Vagoodoo on him, he hasn't been the same ever since.
by ShoNuff77 May 29, 2013

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1)A greivous and heinous act commited against snacks. 2) A combination of snacks in flavours and or condiments that have no business being together defiling both.
He dumped the nacho table into the pool, and thus commited snackriliege at the party.

Ketchup on popcorn, that's snackriliege!!
by ShoNuff77 December 02, 2010

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The act of blocking so hard on social media that the feel that they've been physically kicked out of your life.
From this point forward I'm blicking the heck out of anyone who posts spoilers for the shows I'm presently binge watching.
by ShoNuff77 December 31, 2015

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The type of guy a woman dates during her directionless phase and not caring whether or not he is a fully functioning adult with aspirations beyond being a basic fuckboy. More likely than not she is dating him till it gets boring and her ambitions will carry her elsewhere while he tries to recapture the glory of his adolescence but with no actual plan beyond where to "get lit." This is the guy that if a woman's period is late while dating him, she will legitimately panic because the thought of keeping him is absolutely opposite to the concept of a healthy relationship or for that matter a partnership in co-parenting.
Friends don't let friends get knocked up by a starter bro.
by ShoNuff77 May 16, 2017

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