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Tax that unfairly targets white people. Most recent example is a result of President Barack Obama's health care reform law. Indoor tanning salons will charge customers a 10 percent tax beginning in July as a result of the U.S. health-care overhaul signed into law by President Barack Obama. The tax is overtly racist because a dispoportinate number of white people lie in tanning beds!
The cracker tax is another form of reverse racism. Taxing tanning beds would be like white people taxing Kwanzaa, fried chicken or watermelons.
by SheilaPrince March 31, 2010
A black person that is racist towards white people. Usually caused by an inherent belief that white people are the devil. Perpetuated by the media which condones a black person i.e. (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright) on TV disparaging whites but would crucify any white that did the same to blacks i.e. (Imus, Jimmy the Greek, Barack Obama).
"Lil'Jon, the whitey hater, said that white folks would never elect him president because he is black. I think they'll never elect him because his momma gave him such a stupid name. Imagine- Elect Lil'Jon Jackson for President! "
by SheilaPrince August 8, 2009
A lower back tattoo commonly referred to as ass antlers, tramp stamp and a bullseye.
When she bent over, I saw the Mark of the Beast on her back. It might as well have been a bullseye.
by SheilaPrince August 23, 2009
Racial slur. A person who likes to perform fellatio on black men.
Tito's got him a mudsucker, every time the girl sees him she sticks his dick in her mouth like a baby with a pacifier.
by SheilaPrince July 13, 2009
A person who shares the beliefs of the republican party but never votes. Usually of above average intelligence the retardican is a tax paying American citizen that hates seeing their hard earned money spent by idiots in Washington to buy the votes of lazy Welfare recipients living off the government tit. See communism, Powerball Obama
Mike is a retardican, he is constantly talking about how much money congress is wasting but never does anything about it- LIKE FRICKING VOTE TARD!!!!!!!!
by SheilaPrince September 5, 2009
To say or do something really stupid. Comes from the moments when President Barack Obama's is not using a teleprompter, or it breaks, and says something really stupid. i.e. him saying he visited 57 states during the election, the Beer Summit fiasco, healthcare reform.
I had an Obama Moment and told my mother-in-law we did it on their bed when we were dating.
by SheilaPrince August 8, 2009