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A person with brown hair which is a couple shades darker than a blonde and a few shades lighter than someone with black hair. It has nothing to do with intelligence, amount of fun or anything else. It's only a hair color that can be changed by dye, lemon juice or sun light... Sometimes bad koolaid.
"Well since I'm a blonde and supposedly 'Stupid' by social standards, I guess I should drip over that table and end up fighting that brunette over there because we look different. Or, I could be the only person here with a definition and not an opinion"
by Shauna July 05, 2004

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It's a flab pack for a girl. Like a beer gut. If the pants are too tight the ponch tends to hang over the rim of the pants. Can also be an insult.
"Your ponch is sticking out... It's fucking disgusting...Lose weight..NOW"

"You stupid ponch. Go away"
by Shauna May 10, 2004

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when not true to someone,or not telling whole truth
Germany is toally fakin on me when i asked him if he liked me!
by Shauna March 29, 2005

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outfits for hoes
damn hoe you rockin thaose daisys and the tube thats the illest hoefit i ever did see
by shauna September 04, 2003

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She is so flippin awesome and is great with a camera. She has a tight Vespa decorated bathroom and Shauna is her hero!!
Kaitlin is brilliant video editor.
by Shauna February 08, 2005

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A snake lived in pond.
by Shauna February 28, 2003

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Another term for Penis that was made up by Shauna. Usually an insult or something you yell when something does not go your way.
"You penar. You scuffed my SHOE."

*Person runs into a wall*
"Arg! PENAR"
by Shauna May 25, 2004

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