Chino XL --- Rapper/Actor...

Most underrated, yet most educated... Smartest rapper of all time/ belongs in the same category as CANIBUS.
Chino XL
"I told The Board Of Education/
that I'm Bored Of Education"

"In my Adolescence/
my mom was out of lessons"

"Turn on the t.v, I see you on Cribs/
Dumb motherfucka, now i know where you live"
by kouger October 6, 2005
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puerto rican/black rapper from jerzee. one of the best rappers ever.
Chinos Album coming out next year yall gotta cop it.
by Dong Woo October 21, 2003
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Decent rapper who once teamed up with Jiusean, a great Korean rapper.
by nikkan_hanil December 13, 2003
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