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On Thursday you wear a green shirt. Every Thursday. If you forget don't worry there is another Thursday only a week away. Remeber wear a green shirt every Thursday. Anyone can do it.
-Dude it's Thursday what shirt should I wear?
-Dude a green shirt. It's Green Shirt Thursday.
-Oh yeah. Thanks man.
by shark November 11, 2004
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archaic pager code that has evolved into slang for fellatio. see 256 and icecream face
The blowslut looked at her pager and knew what time it was when it flashed 787-4256...
by shark July 16, 2004
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of or related to a rochie
Hooker tits is a rochiesque screen name.
by shark February 13, 2004
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Cum Shot Victim - A girl that looks to be worthy of a full facial treatment at the hands of the purple headed monster. This is especially valid when she is of the four eyed variety.
Check out that CSV over the road dude! Woah!
by Shark November 24, 2003
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suffix one adds to the end of an American sentence so that it becomes intelligible to Koreans. Suffix that makes any English word Korean.
Certain words require that it be shortened to u. Ring becomes Ringu, Treat becomes Treatzu
Gregu like-u cocku
Turtle Headzu
She asked me to go back-doorzu
by shark July 16, 2004
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placing a phallic object in your mouth and catching a case of the in and outs
damn that bitch can slob a good one
by Shark May 01, 2003
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acronym for Insert My Penis.
G: Dude, check out the ass on that one!
E: Ya, I should definitely IMP...
by shark July 15, 2004
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