A late model Subaru, typically a wagon, seen being driven by a woman; these vehicles are (seemingly) often purchased and driven by lesbians.
My fiance's freind called yesterday, she said she got hit on by a random hot lesbian- because of her car. "I told her I was straight!" she said. The girl was surprised.. "But..you're driving Subaru.."

I told her before her car was a lesbaru!
by oranzok September 2, 2006
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A man whose masculinity is in doubt after the purchase of a practical, family car such as a Subaru
Man, Brent is such a lesbaru. Why didn't he get a Durango?
by Shark May 6, 2004
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Due to the fact that every Subaru owner is a flaming lesdyke, the term describes every Subaru or Subaru owner. Some characteristics include:
1. Hairy orafices
2. "Alternative lifestyle"
3. Totally macks on chicks
1.Hey, pull up next to that lesbaru so we can point and giggle at those lesbians.

2.Look at those two lesbarus make out. FUCKIN HOT!
by john dizzle May 29, 2005
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Gay slang for a Subaru. As many lesbians drive Subaru's, typically the Outback, this word has become become very common.
Dude, check out that chick in the Lesbaru. I love her mullet!
by jessiet08 February 2, 2010
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Subaru most likely owned by a lesbian woman
Hey Eddie look at that lesbaru over there, it's a really gross car.
by Kggg September 20, 2016
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Slang term for Subaru Outback, a vehicle commonly owned by lesbians.
My girlfriends Lesbaru Butchback is a total chick magnet.... (Only while she's driving it though.)
by Haywood Jalissen August 9, 2011
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