24 definitions by Shapeless

Prediction of revenge that may become necessary in the future.
I just kinda gort this feeling of prevenge about this guy - I knew that he would do something that would piss me off badlty.
by Shapeless October 1, 2014
She said to him LMAYF - you hear me? L-M-A-Y-F... and the Fucktard just ran...
by Shapeless April 25, 2013
Hey that guy's opinions were so left field... He is just so FITH!
by Shapeless April 19, 2019
This guy was spouting so much BS that I just yelled SUMO! He said "Wah?". I replied "Shut Up, Move On!".
by Shapeless April 17, 2019
China expanding their nuclear submarine fleet is dangerous, IYAM.
by Shapeless March 14, 2023
I Totally Completely Hate You
You are such an awkward fuckpig that ITCHY, Asshole!
by Shapeless April 28, 2021
Geez! This copper'copter kept buzzing over my garden with a searchlight. It was like I had some f*cking terrorist holed up in my shed!
by Shapeless October 18, 2014