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when a lot of retards get together and start thier own unit. most of them need wheelchairs or zimmer frames to move. they can use thier walking sticks as shotgun when anouther unit drives up on thier turf. the reatrd unit often perform drive-bys on thier wheel chairs, and some times have drag races in thier wheel chairs modded with nitrous oxided that can get up to speeds of 150 mph.
wow look at the retard unit they can bearly walk but they sure can fight.
by Shady Man April 18, 2006
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Personal Ass Licker; this is not taken literally. it means a person is a real loser and no body really likes them. P.A.L.s do things like homework for the popualr kids and do thier older siblings chores for no good reason.
Bill:wow your little brother is always doing your chores for no reason, are you paying him or what?
John:no hes just a real P.A.L.
by Shady Man April 18, 2006
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an aeon from final fantasy 10, you need to pay him to make him attack!!! OMG!
Yojimbo is one badass ninja!
by Shady Man April 18, 2006
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a mosher is a person who likes to listen to music such as cradle of filth and slipknot. the 3 main features of a mosher are these;
1.greasy skin
2.black clothes (possibly with badges or some other garbage on them).
3.the loud horrible music (if you can call it music) blasting out of thier mp3 players.

a moshers main rival is the chav. moshers likes to say things behind chavs back, but wont say a word to thier faces. a truly pathetic mosher will be in his/her early 20s that still hang armound with the 12 to 16 year olds grease balls *ahem* moshers. anouther feature of a mosher is that they like to jump around alot and most of them are just the school outcasts looking for something to rebel againt. anyway moshers should be avoided at all costs they may bite and many of them have head lice and crabs from thier dogs.
mosher1:have you downloaded the new slipknot song yet?
mosher2:i can use my typing hand anymore ive slashed my wrists too many times.
mosher1:i love the devil rock ooooooonnnnn!!!!
by Shady Man April 17, 2006
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a fart that has been building up for hours, the pain of your gut is unbearable as this gigantic ass ripping fart is builing up. and suddenly the fart is realeased (this can take up to 10 to 30 seconds). the smell of it is so bad that some people in the room may throw up and in some cases people have been known to pass out at the revolting smell.
bob:omg who has dropped that fart, it stinks so bad.
bill:sorry it was me.
bob:it stinks so bad it must of hurt your ass.
bill:yeah it was a real gut rencher!
by Shady Man April 18, 2006
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1.A character from the ultra popular rpg final fantasy 7.
2.A cat thing that sits on a big white thing.
3.Has a megaphone for a weapon for some reason.
4.Is a really pointless character hated by all final fantasy fans.
Bob:wot level is your caith sith at?
Bill:i dunno he is a totally shit character.
Bob:good point.
by Shady Man April 17, 2006
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