From Latin : Superior
Extreme supporters for a football team.
Following draw, all Ultras got upset and raised hell on eart.
by Giggino November 17, 2005
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Breed of rowdy football supporters who:

1. Support their team through non-stop singing (most important) and big displays (tifos) involving flags, banners, flares, smoke bombs, fireworks, balloons, ticker-tape and the like.

2. Fight against Modern Football which they feel hinders their ability to support their team properly. Ultras can be very confrontational towards stewards/police who try to prevent them from supporting their team.

Ultras, despite what Danny Dyer tries to tell you, are not the same as hooligans, although they aren't angels who just want to wave a few pretty looking flags around either.

Being an ultra is a way of life, it's 24/7. Punks are punks, goths are goths and ultras are ultras.
by oioioioioioioi March 5, 2012
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(adj.) Immoderately beneficial or superior in any way to normal. Usually better than the best possible. Can apply to items or skills.
We should go for a joy ride. Your dad's Porche is so ultra.
by Chuck Norris' Fist December 17, 2005
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synonym for very, really, super, extremely etc.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that chick?
Person 2: Yeah, she's ultra cute

Person 1: Thanks for helping me with my math homework! You're ultra smart.

Person 1: dude that was ultra cool
by ultraloser April 28, 2014
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A really hardcore fan of a spanish or italian football team. Ultras have been associated with violence, hooliganism, and racism. Not all people who consider themselves ultas, exhibit these characteristics. some are just avid fans.
by bigrattus June 6, 2003
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To rave to the maximum extent humanly possible. Ultraing is characterized by outrageous enthusiasm, jumping up-and-down, shouting, and smiling at everyone. Ultraing is typically accompanied with the freshest sounds in the world, multiple sleepless nights, which can (and usually does) result in minor brain damage, although most ultraers would claim that it is well worth the experience.

While ultraing is a spectacular phenomenon, it is not for the faint of heart.
Person A: "dude, where have you been all week? and how did you lose 10 pounds?"

Person B: "I've been ultraing for the past 5 days, I think I'm going to quit my job and start DJing, but not before hibernating for a few days"
by sk8pss April 26, 2011
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a fanatical fan of an Italian football team
can be ultra left or right wing depending on the team and many have strict political codes.
Love a good dust up with the Italian police and are a big power within the Italian game, deciding on anything from what songs to sing to whether or not a club can buy a certain player
Ultra groups have been known to bollock their teams players after a bad performance
by bigmeuprudeboy September 10, 2003
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