27 definitions by Shady

It means stoned. In my language.
i'm so ertu oyt of my mind yesh.
by Shady October 30, 2004
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James be trappin on Taylor road
by Shady September 7, 2003
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A scientist in a wheel chair. He uses a machine to talk.
Guy 1: Man, I'm bored
Guy 2: Let's play Steve Hawking's Off-Road Wheelchair Fury.
by Shady July 8, 2004
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The worst city in the world. Filled with dumbasses, rejects, dumb street hoes, gooey, porn filled streets, smoke filled rooms, and too much gambling. Hotter than hell and dirty as fuck. Disgusting in every possible way and not even 1 billionth as good as San Diego
Want to go to hell on earth? Sure, then let's go to Las Vegas.
by Shady July 26, 2004
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Good song (fuck what you think) and easy to make a parody of.
These chicks don't even know what i do with my hand.
I play with the parts that make me a man.
Enough comes out to fill a sauce pan.
Now do you know what i do with my hand?
by Shady June 13, 2004
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1) Home to the coolest people around
2) home of the best football team, the Chargers!
3) Home of the best baseball team, the Padres.
4) It's better than where you live.
5) Your gay if you don't like it.
San Diego is the best there is no comparison
by Shady July 26, 2004
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