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5 generation ipod, the best one yet. it can store songs, photos, podcasts, audiobooks, films, music videos, tv programs etc.
ipod video comes in black or white (blacks better) and in 30gb that can hold 7500 songs or 60gb that can hold 15,000 songs if you know that many. costs about £220
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situated at upton park, east london. they are the best football team in the whole world even if they dont ever win anything and they lose most of their games they are still the fucking greastest team ever and thats that
Fa cup final

west ham united were winning 2-0 to liverpool, but by the end of the match the score was 3-3 and west ham ended up losing on penalties, but they are still the best team ever
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It's a style of music popular in clubs, it's basically house music with a little funk
i don't want nobody baby - funky house tune
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a group of notes the range from c note all the way up to the next c note. each time you reach the next c note u r going up or down an octave.
mariah carey is said to have a vocal range of 8 octaves
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tight songwriter, has written for tyrese, mariah carey, aaliyah, chris brown and mary j blige, and has now become an r&b artist himself. best songs are turn it up & dope fiend
I wanna love you to usher cos i no u need it nice and slow,
im like ginuwine u got me so anxious,
word to jamie cos tonight were getting unpredictable,
now i no jus what jan meant wen she said its funny how time flys,

aint nothin like makin all kinda lovin to some music,
turn the music up,
until were kissing n huggin touchin n rubbin to that music,
turn the music up

heres to mary j, turn it up, turn it up,
and i no ur diggin faith, turn it up, turn it up,
don't alicia got it goin on, turn it up, turn it up,
all u gotta do is say j turn it up

Turn it up by johnta austin
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Aa flap fiddler is someone who enjoys fingering girls, i.e. fiddling with her fanny flaps. Usually used to describe a lesbian but can be used to describe a man too
Girl 1: Did u no that jessica is a flap fiddler?

Girl 2: Yeah she told me that she fingered brooke last night.
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