9 definitions by Seth Martin Dresser

Someone who has gas and has to a shit really bad and has extreme anger problems and shits their pants on purpose.
Timmy Burritos had gas after lunch today. He had to take a shit so he got up a walked to the bathroom. On his way down the hall he saw his exgirlfriend and she called him a scumbag. He didn't know how to express his anger towards her so he shit his pants onpurpose using lots of force! He's an angry shitter!
by Seth Martin Dresser February 14, 2014
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A person who doesn't give a shit no matter what. They don't care about anyone and they have no pride. Anyone who would rather sit around and jack off rather than taking the time to get a real girlfriend. Usually spend their paycheck at strip clubs.
Mike just doesn't give a shit. He spent his entire paycheck at the strip club on strippers because he can't get a girlfriend and doesn't care about anything or anyone. What an apathetic jackass!
by Seth Martin Dresser December 21, 2013
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Someone who bags groceries and ignores all the customers while looking angry and depressed. Usually very quiet because they give the silent treatment to everyone when pissed off.
When Cam was bagging groceries he placed all the items in plastic bags. The customer changed his mind and told him to put them in paper bags. He got upset and was very quiet the rest of the day sulking about the situation. He is a sulking bagger.
by Seth Martin Dresser March 10, 2020
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Someone who doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything. Anyone who has the opportunity to be successful but chooses to throw it all away because they don't care about life. Anyone who is 40 and still lives at home with their parents because they have no goals in life and can't maintain relationships because they have no empathy and choose to watch porn all day.
Peter lives with his parents because he wasted his life sitting on his ass masturbating in his room everyday. He chose to be a failure due to his apathetic outlook on life and his only goal in life is to eat spicy food and take a massive shit. What a fucking loser!
by Seth Martin Dresser July 31, 2018
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Someone who is 32 and still lives with their parents. Does nothing but bitch about life and treats their parents like shit and is to lazy to work. Has no friends and no girlfriend and is the black sheep in the family. Usually has to pay for sex because they can't attract women because of their shitty attitude.
Mike sucks at life and he lives with his mom and dad because he hates working. The only reason why he is not a virgin is because he paid a prostitute to have sex with him. He is a loser at life!
by Seth Martin Dresser September 27, 2018
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Someone that doesn't do anything for society. Anyone who doesn't give a shit and wastes their life and would just walk past someone who needed help because they would rather fuck off and get drunk and fuck shit up.
Joe doesn't help his retarded brother pay his bills because he is to busy getting drunk and having sex with prostitutes! What a fucking piece of shit!
by Seth Martin Dresser February 11, 2014
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Someone who doesn't give a shit and has no pride. Someone who hates themselves and masturbates to the thought of women holding him down because he is to depressed to be nice to women and he eats to much food and shits a lot.
Jeremy hates himself because he is to depressed to respect women so he jacks of to women holding him down and the only thing he takes pride in is eating Mexican food and taking a big ass shit on the toilet. What a piece of shit!
by Seth Martin Dresser March 22, 2018
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