3 definitions by Senpai Graham

"Dylan asks a girl out and gets rejected, roché says Leo"
by Senpai Graham October 17, 2017
Snizz is known as a term to either do something really quickly and or ejaculate without touching yourself.
"Yo bro you should have seen that girl in my geography class I'd snizz any day"
"When in doubt snizz it out"
"Damn DeAndre I should have snizzed that girl when I had the chance"
by Senpai Graham October 16, 2017
Well played is usually used in the occasion when someone either does something or completes a task correctly and or does the opposite and fails miserably.
"Jacob attempts a backflip and falls on his face, well played says the crowd"
"Eamon answers a question in class incorrectly, well played says Athan"
by Senpai Graham October 17, 2017