A Roché is a kind, generous female who always has your back. People always go back to Roché when they need someone so they go to her as she will make them happy and keep her mouth shut. Her mind is clean but she can easily replace it with one of her many crushes. Ask ally she’s a pretty person who you don’t want to mess with.
I don’t know what to , what have I done ? I know what to do find Roché .
by CleoLaren1023 January 23, 2018
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"Dylan asks a girl out and gets rejected, roché says Leo"
by Senpai Graham October 17, 2017
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A beautiful smart baddy that normally raise the grades in her class. Roché-lynne's have unique personalities. They are proud and confident.
Everyone needs a Roché-lynne in their life.
by Ché ché December 26, 2019
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