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Scottish slang, chiefly Edinburgh, used to mean something good.
"Awright, Mike! It's pure barry n that to hear fae ye, mate"
by sengabus August 31, 2006

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Scottish slang, chiefly Dundonian. Means good, great.
"Aw man! Free ectos! Pure teckle an aw that!"
by sengabus August 31, 2006

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Commonly used in the central belt of Scotland. While other authors cite the female breast as the origin of this word, it's mostly used as a mild insult on the East Coast.
"Shazza's new man's a right diddy byraway"
by Sengabus August 16, 2005

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Chiefly Scots, in particular Dundonian. An ecstasy tablet.
What have I done wi' that ecto I had a minute ago?

See they ectos we had the other night? Fucksake
by Sengabus September 09, 2007

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Scottish slang, used as a verb to describe the act of ignoring something.
"Is that the door? We're too busy playing FIFA, just rubber it"

"I was trying to phone Davie earlier on to find out about those pills for Friday, but the cunt's rubbering his phone"
by sengabus August 31, 2006

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Chiefly East coast of Scotland. "Lots", "many".
"I was at the game last night and there were rakes o' wee schemies hingin aboot outside who wurnae allowed in"

"I've got rakes of pills, anyway, likes"
by Sengabus February 02, 2007

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Scots, chiefly East Coast.

To receive abuse, pisstaking.
Shug brought that fat bird hame the night, he's getting it tight later oan, like.

Martin was totally pissed off the other night cuz we wur giving him it tight about his maw and her prostitution business.

by Sengabus September 07, 2007

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