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Chiefly Scots, in particular Dundonian. An ecstasy tablet.
What have I done wi' that ecto I had a minute ago?

See they ectos we had the other night? Fucksake
by Sengabus September 09, 2007
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A sub-genre of pornography, presumably of Japanese origin, dealing with the liberal usage of substances holding particularly glutinous properties. While this can sometimes refer to large amounts of oil, lubrication gel or (apparently) petroleum jelly, the main substance in question is methylcellulose, used in vast, VAST quantities.

1. (noun) any highly gelatinous/glutinous, substance with a largely clear (transparent) composition used in the context of sexual activity.

2. (tr. verb) to expose to, affect by or submerge in ecto.
"Dude, you've put too much product in your hair. You look like a walking lump of ecto."

"I haven't had sex for a month...I would love to ecto your little sis' right now."
by Another Ken Scrub May 05, 2009
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A style of music characterized by female singer songwriters with an emphasis on melody, and an unaggressive (although some say pretentious) style. Good examples are Jane Siberry, the Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, and Kate Bush.

The name itself is from the Happy Rhodes mailing list, but has since become a term in its own right.
"Yeah, she was a goth until one day she came wearing a camisole and dress with flowers on it, and she's singing songs about how California wants to be New York or something. She's gone totally ecto."
by Will Sargent January 27, 2008
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If you took a ghost and stuck it to a positron magnet, and then tortured it with a gamma ray until it exploded into a gooey yet living substance, that would be ecto. The resulting substance is something like god on earth.
My god, for something thats looks like my mucus, that thing has hellish powers!!!
by Ecto2007 November 27, 2004
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