Spending time with a person romantically who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Tonight I am doing some entertaining! Sam is coming into town.
by 2341 September 21, 2008
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Describes a person, place, or thing
When your homeboy calls you to say your wife is stepping out on you with another dude but, he cannot tell you who the dude is because nine times out of ten your homeboy is the one entertaining your wife and vice versa
by REALIST2307 April 4, 2011
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1- A word used to describe when your having company over and paying for everything. (not necessarily for personal reasons. Could be a work thing even)

2- used to describe an amusing feeling or action.
1- My wife and I are entertaining my boss and his wife after work this evening.

2- His performance was very entertaining.
by Me Fee Fee April 22, 2020
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a woman who takes her clothes off on stage to music for tips; a stripper
"Now gentlemen, welcome your next entertainer to the gold stage...Amber!"
by Naphtali May 14, 2006
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To flirt back with someone or tease them
she entertains all those guys on snapchat at once
by Shirleytemp199 April 17, 2019
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