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An acronym for Bombarded with Oncoming Monday Blues. (Alternately: Backslapped by Oncoming Monday Blues and Bogged down with Oncoming Monday Blues.)
Dude 1: Man I got nothing done this weekend.
Dude 2: Snap! Sounds liked you just got BOMBed!
by ScrabbleDiva April 6, 2009
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This is a phrase commonly used to describe something said during a conversation that can't be logically linked to anything that's already been said. It's a combo of "random" and "out of the blue" or "out of left field."
Sam: Xbox is pretty much the best thing ever invented!
Jake: You know what sucks? Getting acne on your ears.
Sam: Whoa. That was out of the random.
by ScrabbleDiva June 13, 2010
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A verb meaning the act of taking another person's possessions without asking with the intent to give them back eventually.
"Dude, James totally kyped my chem notes and didn't give them back until after the exam. Jerk!"
by ScrabbleDiva October 22, 2008
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Dude, don't be a hater. Practice embracism.
by ScrabbleDiva February 2, 2008
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Stands for "Pretty Lucky That." Often used in text messages.
Texter 1 - PLT no 1 saw dat! :O
Texter 2 - Wud u do?
Texter 1 - Fell flat on my face! lol
by ScrabbleDiva October 18, 2010
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a group of people concerned with meaningless subjects
In Lady Sovereign's song Blah Blah Full
"The rich (ch-ching) the poor the snobs the whores
Oh dear Blahbarians galore! "
by ScrabbleDiva January 5, 2008
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