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n: Refers to a person's mouth.
Shut your dickwasher! Bring your dickwasher over here and put it to use.
by Scott Free May 28, 2006

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"3 way" consisting of 2 females & 1 male
My girl brought her girl over last night and we had a FMF... my dick is raw today!
by Scott Free June 02, 2006

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verb: The act of a controlled roll off the bed or other surface close to or immediately after the male has ejaculated into his partner generally the vagina or anal cavity, this maneuver is so that the person that was just ejaculated into doesn’t spill the seamen onto the surface below thus eliminating the need for a “happy rag”.

Special credit to Jojo for coming up with this phrase.
Jojo do you want a happy rag for that load of cum or are you going to do a spinout?
by Scott Free June 25, 2006

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Noun: A type of magazine used with assault rifles that resembles a "dog bowl", usually containing seventy five rounds and up. This is an actual military term.

I have my dog bowl and am ready to hit the range!

by Scott Free October 02, 2006

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Bitch was riding my dick but afterwards called the cops and claimed "stolen booty". Cost me $14K to clear my name.
by Scott Free October 22, 2013

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n: Term Used to describe testicles. Comes from Dunkin' donuts "munchkin" donut holes (testicle shaped).
My munchkin sack is sweaty, would you mind giving it a tongue bath.
by Scott Free May 28, 2006

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n: The slang term for a sexual stimulating device that attaches to the base of the penis. Also see: cockring
She put that pussy bushing on my dick and she blew her wad quick!
by Scott Free June 02, 2006

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