12 definitions by Scooby

having previously been smote by a arrow

in Teen Girl Squad, The Ugly One was Arrowed by the man from the CHILDREN van.

Also, in the game TROGDOR! you can be Arrowed by archers.
by Scooby April 03, 2003
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The white fungus that grows under a woman's breast when she is not wearing a bra and forgets to clean herself on a regular basis.
I hate the way breast brei tastes.
by Scooby May 31, 2003
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Mexican guy who lives on newgrounds.com. He is the biggest attention whore there's ever been, in all existence. Many flock to the newgrounds forum, and become members just to witness this monstrosity. Half the time, his posts don't make any sense. He is now a NG forum mod because he did a lot of kiss ass. He loves to ban for any, and all reasons.

Synonym: Attention-Whore
Ozcar stop being a attention-whore!
by Scooby November 16, 2004
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When womans breasts lose all firmness and start sagging. The nipples point straight down and the breast is flat resembleling a pancake with a raisen at the bottom.
That chick should be wearing a bra, her pancake titties make me want to puke.
by Scooby May 31, 2003
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He's a spherical bastard. No matter which way you look at him, He's still a bastard.
by Scooby January 10, 2003
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_ Discused recently
_ Read the FFAQ
_ Belongs in _
_ Get a room
_ VD Women
_ Any spaceships in it?
_ Should have been a PM
_ How much is your head worth?
_ You want a nice little SV650, you do
_ STFU sheepy
_ I don't like cricket-ah
_ My Launch station
_ Don't swear in thread titles/large font
_ Welcome to Ignore... *plonk*
by Scooby September 24, 2003
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