A budget sport touring bike that often is underrated by the sportbike crowd as being a "girly" bike for having a top speed of around 130. Also mentioned by a few magazines as the best bang for your buck bike.
Hey, did you see the SV650 avaliable for 3500? Was thinkin of picking it up to use for longer trips cause my R6 kills my back after 30 minutes.
by Ren Driver October 4, 2006
A bike typically owned by a tool and/or homosexual individual.
I'm a guy and I want a bike that fits me and my husband well. I wear a lot of Fox Gear and Tapout clothing (although I usually ride without any gear at all). Everyone tells me that a Suzuki SV650S is a perfect bike for my personality and life, especially given my sexual preferences.
by Definitelynotdylan October 7, 2012