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so-called "bad" words.
Fuck, shit, and bitch are some examples or cuss words.
by Saria June 02, 2003

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1 to anger

2 "Go away"
Bob really pissed of Gary

Gary go piss off.
by Saria June 02, 2003

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A great thing to yell in crowded public areas.
Fuck nut!!
by Saria June 02, 2003

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The way of looking at a form of media and seeing a male homosexual couple in a romantic relationship even if there is no actual relationship to be found.
Fangirl: Oh man! My Slash Goggles are on way too tight - I'm shipping every guy I see!
by Saria May 25, 2009

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The girl who will beat ya ass if u talk shitttttttttt... Hella loyal .. Gorgeous.. Has asssss😉 .... Hella flirts a lot.. And is funny and sweet
Saria:fight me!!
by saria December 20, 2016

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A battle in which two people stare at each other and try to "battle with their minds." Usually they make stupid faces at each other while doing this and they look ridiculous.
Christina and Sarah had a mindlink battle in public, but they just ending up making fools out of themselves to people who didn't know what was going on.
by Saria March 31, 2010

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Serious Truths.

Typed more often than said due to it being hard to pronounce.
Jim: Hey, Jessica is smokin' hot today!
Bob: Struths man, Struths!
by Saria July 09, 2009

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