3 definitions by SammySammyG

Sex during the corona virus pandemic, the man wears a mask and a condom at once for proper protection.
I saw Mary last night and I had to double tarp, I cannot wait for pandemic to be over.
by SammySammyG June 19, 2021
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Dropping your member in a body paint before meeting with your partner to add spice to the relationship and sexual intercourse.
Veronica was getting a bit bored of my performance in bed, so I put some black dickstick on and she loved it.
by SammySammyG June 23, 2021
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A technique where you dunk your sexual partners head under the water in a lukewarm bath whilst you are fucking them from behind and hold them in that position for a short duration.
Veronica came over last night and wanted to try something a little kinky, so I told her to run the bath and I would show her “the dunk
by SammySammyG June 21, 2021
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