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Pakistani version of Pokimane
guy1: hey look at this hot gamer girl on twitch. Is she Pokimane?
guy 2: Nah She is Pakimane. Shes a Pakistani but surely looks like Poki and a great gamer girl on twitch.
both guys: lets better simp for Pakimane
by Saitama 777 December 08, 2020

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A Kiwi you tuber. He is a doppelganger of PewDiePie. He lives in India, travels around India making vlog videos. He's also married to an Indian girl. Despite looking like PewDiePie, he's a fan of Tseries. He's also known as PewDiePie on crack or Crackpie. Unlike PewDiePie who makes meme review, Karl makes scam reviews in India exposing scammers.
Person A: hey look PewDiePie is in our neighbourhood.

Person B: he's not pewds. He's Karl Rock
He's basically PewDiePie's doppelganger
by Saitama 777 September 09, 2020

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The best waifu in the Elder scrolls universe. She is a wood elf chick in Balmora mages guild in Morrowind. She is has cute black eyes and a squeaky cute voice. She is the waifu, Nerevar deserves more than Almalexia. Even Almalexia would be jealous of that cute face.
Galbedir(to Nerevarine): I have a feeling that, you and I are about to become very close.
by Saitama 777 May 28, 2021

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A blood elf mage who roleplay Azgalor server in World of Warcraft. He is a powerful arcane mage and the lover of Valeera Sanguinar.
Thraeleiel x Valeera is the best ship in WOW
by Saitama 777 May 20, 2021

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Your Lord and savior. Also known as "Fargoth Ur the Lord of the Rings". He is capable of soloing Dagoth Ur, the Tribunal, Aedra, Daedra and the entire TES universe in one shot.
Fargoth: I have a feeling you and I are about to become, very close.
by Saitama 777 May 03, 2021

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see Pillarmen
Dagoth ur
by Saitama 777 April 05, 2021

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When you are a cuckold only if your wife gets fucked by none other than Noriyaki Kakyoin.
I got a Cuckyoin last night as I willingly let my wife got fucked by her boyfriend and I was only made to watch and jerk off to that. And her boyfriend's name is Noriyaki Kakyoin.
by Saitama 777 April 02, 2021

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