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Non-blacks that have this are allowed to say the N-word.
White person: Blah blah blah nigga blah blah blah
Black person: Don't worry I gave him an n-word pass.
by STGamer February 01, 2019

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Another name for the Xbox One. Confusing menu, forces you to pay online just to play free games, and most of all, it features trash exclusives like Halo 5, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay. There's literally no reason to get a Gaybox One because their games are on PC anyway. Meanwhile, Sony is nailing it with the PS4 exclusives.
The Gaybox One has no games
by STGamer February 01, 2019

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Worst Super Bowl in history. The game was boring. During halftime, he get hyped as a Spongebob clip plays fofor a few seconds, expecting Sweet Victory to play, only for Sicko Mode to happen. Fuck Sicko Mode. Fuck Travis Scott. Fuck Maroon 5. Fuck the Super Bowl ads. Fuck this Super Bowl.
Dude 1: Did you watch the Super Bowl 53?
Dude 2: Yes
Dude 1: How was it
Dude 2: Gay
by STGamer February 04, 2019

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One of the craziest and worst rappers in history. His ass got sent to jail because of all of that and he'll drop the soap and get 6ix9ined himself.
I'm glad Tekashi 6ix9ine is in jail.
by STGamer February 01, 2019

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2018 is a terrible year!
by STGamer January 18, 2019

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Real definition of racist: Hating on another race.

Idiot's definition of racist:
1. Being white
2. Mentioning race no matter how its used.

Remember that anyone can be racist and anyone can be a target of racism. To determine what is racist and what is now depending on race is racist.
Black: I'm proud to be black
Others: ...
Hispanic: I'm proud to be Hispanic.
Others: ...
Asian: I'm proud to be Asian.
Others: ...
White: I'm proud to be white.
Others: RACIST

White: So I remember a black guy-

Black: White people suck.
Others: ...
White: Black people suck.
by STGamer February 03, 2019

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The synonym for "purple". Comes from the Marvel comics villain who has the same skin color. The term became popular after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, which, of course, has Thanos as the main villain. It's used to refer to a variety of purple things. Instead of grape, it's "Thanos fruit".
They did surgery on a grape.
They did surgery on a Thanos fruit.
by STGamer January 19, 2019

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