The console that now makes you feel a jolt of nostalgia
Me "Hey remember when we used to play the Wii" Other guy "yea those were the good days"
by nostalgia 101 March 1, 2019
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(n)- A body organ used for urination, sexual pleasure, and for making important life decisions.
(n)- a Mispronounciation of The Nintendo Wii
1.) Chad, can i fondle with your Wii Wii on Saturday?
2.) Angela, do you have a Wii Wii?
3.) I'm gonna fuck your Wii Wii tommorow.
4.) Hey dad, can i have a Wii Wii for Christmas?
5.) Yes son, i'll get you a Wii Wii for Christmas and you and your friends can play with it.
6.) Let's do some boxing with my Wii wii
7.) Let's bowl with my Wii Wii
8.) Dude your Wii Wii is malfunctioning.
9.) We will play with your Wii Wii on the Wiikend.
10.) Let's have genital to genital connections with your Wii.
by Frank Wensel January 4, 2007
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A mythical video game console where if you can buy it for $250, you can sell it for $400.
The Walmart was only 5 minutes away. When I called, they told me they had one Wii in stock, but couldn't hold it for me. I rushed over, but by the time I got there they had already sold it.
by Alfie the Horndog February 9, 2008
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Something you can't find.
Clueless Shopper, "Where are you're Wii's."

Clerk begins to laugh
by Mr. Morgan December 9, 2007
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When two asians come to your door and say "we would like to play" then you let the two strangers in your house and play a game with them.
"Mom!! two asian strangers wanna come in so i can play a game with them!"

by jcfnxsgvhhhhhtrh February 20, 2010
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Redbull's alternative word for wings so they have a reason to not get sued for not actually giving people wings.
Me: I'm sueing you because it doesn't give me wings
Redbull: No, we said it gives you wiiings
by SDAmuzus December 26, 2017
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"Wii" is the release name of the console codenamed Revolution by Nintendo Corporation due to be released in 2006.

It is pronounced similar to "we".
by Dude, where's my bagel? April 27, 2006
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