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Metallica's third album released in early 1986 that is the definition of good thrash metal music, even heavy metal as a whole. It is impossible to hate a single song on that album if you have your head in the right place. Then Metallica started to sink afterwards with subsequent albums going more towards a hard rock sound totally changed from where they came.
You cannot beat Metallica, you never have, you never will, deal with it! Master of Puppets rules all!
by SEY February 01, 2008

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The act on the part of two or more candidates or eligible people for a certain position of strength such as a political seat as just one example, to start throwing insults and accusations against the opposing party in order to make themselves look better by comparison.
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in trying to get the Democratic nomination are resorting to low-brow, low blow mudslinging.
by SEY January 24, 2008

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A nice big, thick, attractive pair of Christmas ham sized buttcheeks, especially on a black woman. Some serious junk in the trunk that for some men is very hypnotizing.
A bodonkadonk? It's a really big ass...
by SEY January 25, 2008

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That creaking, groaning, almost explosive movement of the stomach or bowels either due to a tense situation or pre-diarrhea stage due to something you ate or just having a shit filled situation.
Damn those White Castle sliders and prune juice for giving me the beegees!
by SEY January 24, 2008

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1. A female dog.

2. Derogatory misogynistic word as a label for women, depending of course on whose opinion you are taking. Although considered foul by many, it's connotation over time has started to take on a more positive form not always meant to offend.

3. A woman who is viewed as having particularly less than savory characteristics such as being slutty, worthless, annoying, and most usually used in regards to when they're mean.

4. The act of complaining, especially when said action is in excess.

5. A term used to describe and insult a man who is either whipped, a wuss, emotional, at the losing end of a verbal or physical ass whooping, or possesses any other characteristics. Either used as a general insult to pick a fight or horseplay; making him seen as either the antithesis of a top dog in the male pecking order (get your mind out of the gutter); or to describe him as having characteristics, whether truth or fiction, realistic or unrealistic, typical or stereotypical, as being that attributed to women.
1. That bitch was in heat!

2. Love all my bitches...

3. Jesus christ on graham cracker, she must be on her monthly visit. What a bitch!

4. I could be only five minutes late for work, take wage cuts, do some overtime without extra pay, but still my boss manages to be a royally ungrateful jackass and does nothing but bitch that I did this or that! Fuck him!

5. I'm gonna kick your ass and make you my bitch!
by SEY February 03, 2008

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Slurred version of the word bullshit used to describe someone who is being fake and someone they're not.
That bouji son of a bitch is trying to look all smart and shit. I've known that guy for years!
by SEY January 24, 2008

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