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a common hard working man or person.
The farmer that loved his land but barely fed his family was the salt of the Earth.
by sarah January 02, 2004

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a dreamy kind of music sung so beautifully, full of imagery, loaded with fantastic melodies and bursting with love that sounds like no other.
another world; fairy tales
by sarah April 13, 2005

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A genre of music that is better than all of this rap, pop, and poser-punk shit. Just listen to it, and try to tell me that 50 cent, J.Lo, and Good Charlotte is better. Most people who claim not to like reggae never even gave it a chance. Honestly, though, nobody likes those ignorant little shits, so they can back to watching MTV, and tell themselves that they're listening to good music (Sean Paul and Shaggy don't count as reggae, I'm sorry). It's not rastafarians wailing about their love for Jamaica and weed. Whoever gave people that idea is an asshat. Yes, some of it is, but don't even get me started on some of your rap and rock-wannabe shit rambles about their "sick ass bongs". Reggae is much deeper than that. Just listen to it, you'll see what I mean.
Bob Marley. If you've never listened to reggae, listen to two or three of Bob Marley's songs, you'll like it, I swear.
by Sarah August 16, 2005

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Pretty much my favorite band. They are from HB, California. They are super cool and have a key board. The best is Chris becuase he has drums. He rocks those drums like nobody's business.
H to the E to the LL O Hellogoodbye on the microphone. G Double O D BYE
Hellogoodbye is more awesome than your favorite ice cream.
by Sarah November 27, 2004

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Of Hillbillies or Backwoods folk. Ghetto in a sense that it's utterly shitty in every way. Generally located in rural country towns; {Po-dunks} Hicks; {Po-dunktion Junction} A town that reflects the qualities of being Po-dunk.
"My po-dunk brother, who grew up on a farm, drank coffee from a bowl and fixed his wabbly table with a tin can.
by sarah April 15, 2004

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"Jelly Bracelet" is just another name for "sex coupon". They came in style in the 80's and faded until about 3 years ago. They have certain meanings though...

Black~ Sex with condom
Red~Sex without condom
Light Blue~ Hand-job
Indigo~ Hand-job with blowjob
Blue~ Blowjob
Pink~It either means french kiss or cunnilingus.
Yellow~ Big bear hug
Orange~ petting
Purple~Full-fledged make-out session
Clear~ Wild-card
Clear with glitter~ Also wildcard
Gold~ Anal
Clear Gold with glitter~fingering
Clear blue~All of everything
Clear Pink~ Its the girls choice.
Clear Green~ All Anal
Glow in the dark pink~ female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue~ boy sex toys
Glow in the dark green or yellow~ Sex with porn.

That is the whole index... Don't try these at home (If your parents are around)
My girlfriend broke a yellow one off me, so I hugged her.. (cute)
by Sarah April 24, 2004

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-the ones with My Space blogs that leave comments like "I popped your Myspace cherry!"

-any member of the "hottest girls on MySpace club."

-any girl who appears on MySpace with a.) spread legs b.) ass hanging out c.) more than 1 square meter of fake-tan skin showing or d.) appear in a thong/bustier/garter belt/black lace/teddy/ etc.
"See that Virginia Tech girl with her legs all spread over her text book? She's not studying! She's a MySpace Whore!"
by Sarah March 03, 2005

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