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something that exists independently of ideas concerning it
No matter how many times you say the wall isn't real, you still can't walk through it
by Sarah August 27, 2004
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Sometimes means "after party", but it usually means a more mellow gathering of friends rather than a rowdy party. Basically, it's whatever you're doing after the bars close.

Usually not referred to in the past or present because it sounds pretentious -- only in the future tense.
1) "Do you know of any after hours?"
2) "What are you doing after hours?"
3) "There's supposed to be an after hours at Moe's pad.

Incorrect: "We had a really good after hours last night." or "This after hours sucks."
by Sarah April 12, 2004
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Gay monkey that sits in the zoo cage, shows you its dick and then jacks of to your kidz standin at the window staring at them.
Q: Mummy, what's that monkey doing?
A: Never mind. Now Tonianne get away from that window and lets go to the lion cage now.
by Sarah April 01, 2004
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A week long recess from the cofines of rigid college life. Many students participate in such acts as: heavy drinking, pot smoking, having sex, tanning on various beaches, and generally passing out. These is often done with a large groups of friends who all want to party hard and have a good time, while simultaneously erasing all memories of academia (and all-night study attempts) from their lives. Many blackmail pictures ensue from this week-long trip, relationships dissolve, and grades slip another notch.
"Spring Break was insane: the police broke-up our parties twice, one girl got caught with marijuanna, and april had sex with chad!"
by sarah March 08, 2005
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the hottest guy alive.
dude, the ryan is coming.
by Sarah March 11, 2005
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When two fingers are inserted into a girl vaginally, and the pinky is inserted into the anus.
"Mark Senior really gave that girl the shocka."
by sarah March 22, 2003
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A great excuse for breaking up with someone while trying not to hurt their feelings.
Famously used by George in Seinfeld, he gets upset when he found out someone used his line and claims he invented it.
"Dan I really like you but I think it's over between us."
"What? Why? What did I do?"
"It's not you, it's me."
by Sarah July 18, 2004
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