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Vertical hood piercing- a type of vaginal piercing that is meant to cause a woman great pleasure. (NOT A CLIT PIERCING, those are very dangerous since they can restrict vaginal blood flow.)
Experienced piecers can make a VHC virtually painless, less so than an ear piercing even! If done wrong this piercing can damage the body instead of bring pleasure.

"Oh, Jack, the new piercer definitely fixed my VHC! This feels amazing!" *wild sex*
by S... March 5, 2015
a term of disappointment. sort of a non-sweary way to say "fuck!" when something goes wrong.
"my check bounced again. oh, poop!"
by S... June 7, 2005
A very flamboyant gay man. He wears many bright colors and may have quite the strut. not a derogatory term, but fitting for many of the flashy men that march in pride parades.
"Jeremy really let his peacock side shine at the PRIDE parade last weekend, huh."
"I found his enthusiasm refreshing, personally"
by S... March 5, 2015